Due to our experience in the Russian market we can advice you on the product you need and ensure a smooth problem-free accomplishment of your order and tasks. Of course we can offer you far more products than that are stated here, for more information please contact us. Questions referring to the delivery can be solved easily by our logistics partners.

We gladly offer different premium products of five major Russian mills. We can also offer a delivery to the point of the world you wish. As always a trial order is highly recommended.

Bleached Sulfate Softwood Pulp

This Product is produced in Ust-Ilimsk, South-Eastern of Russia. Grade HD-Extra, HB-1.

Semibleached Softwood Sulphite Pulp

Ultrafine Copper Powder PMU

This product is beeing produced in the Russian Federation.

Wrapping Pulp

Produced in North-Western Region of the Russian Federation.

Produced in North-Western Region of the Russian Federation.

Fodder Yeast

Produced in the Russian Federation.

Zelpa Handelsgesellschaftm.b.H. was founded in the far 1993 in Vienna, Austria. Then it was one ofthe first private exporters in the Soviet Union. Zelpa used to be the trading house of a major Russian pulp and paper plant located in Kaliningrad. In that time it developed the sales organisation to the satisfied customers in Western Europe, Middle East and Asia, as well as equipment selection and purchases in Western Europe for the existing plants in Russia. Therefore Zelpa made it possible for the Russian plants up to technological innovations and to expand the customer range.
Nowadays Zelpa GmbH is an expert on the Russian market with a great relationship to the major players such as Ilim Group, Arkhangelsk, Vyborg Cellulose, Syassky, etc. We are able to trade pulp and board in different qualities and quantities from different sources in the Russian    
Federation to assure you the best service. Our customers can be found in Western, Eastern and central Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Trading Company

Zelpa Handels G.m.b.H.

Donizettiweg 27

1220 Vienna

Tel: +43 1 920 55 88

Fax: +43 1 920 55 88


Advisory Company

Adviser to the new greenfield development project in the Russian Federation in respect to the construction of a pulp plant. We supply consulting services and support on different stages including appropriate Feasibility Studies, producers, equipment suppliers and also long-term partners for the business.

Contact Us

Please use any possibility which are stated here to contact us.

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